What UniSol Stands for?

The story behind our brand

Our brand, UniSol Technology was created based on our compromise with our customers, to provide Technological Convergence tailored for their specific business needs. That is why we came up with Unified Technology Solutions or UniSol Technology.

Mission Statement

To provide our clients  strategies and services, which deliver long term added value benefits, based upon their key business requirements. The strategies evolved should be budget-friendly, efficient, scalable, flexible and allow the organisations to adjust rapidly to both market and customer needs.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower small and medium businesses with the right tools and strategies to keep evolving in the technological demanding and changing era.

A Technology Startup

We are a Technology Startup Company with the purpose of providing business solutions and expertise to the small and medium business sector. We are passionate about technology and all the good things it can provide us with.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Our technology experts have over 15 years of experience developing, exploring and implementing existing, and new emerging technologies. They will strategize with you and create a project plan to connect you with technology that will launch your business forward. We will handle the heavy lifting and project planning so that you can focus on your long term goals.

Working With Passion

We strive to provide business solutions, but what we are really passionate about is providing an excellent service for all of our customers.

Our Partners